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First-Of-Its-Kind Selfie Kiosk Is Unveiled In Lower Manhattan: Already one of New York City’s top destinations, ...more >>

Statement By Jessica Lappin President of the Alliance for Downtown New York on the Occasion of...: “As Conde ...more >>

Alliance for Downtown NY, Speaker Sheldon Silver & Leading Tech & Creative Firms Unveil...: The Alliance for ...more >>

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Who We Are

who we are

The Downtown Alliance is striving to make Lower Manhattan a wonderful place to live, work and play by creating a vibrant multi-use neighborhood.

Lower Manhattan Facts & Figures

The Downtown Alliance has been collecting in-depth data on Lower Manhattan for over 10 years. Our research provides ongoing, comprehensive coverage of Downtown's commercial, hotel, retail, residential and tourist markets. We also collect data on Downtown's diverse user groups, including residents, hotel guests, and office workers.

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Our Services

Our Services

Since 1995, the Alliance for Downtown New York has been working to enhance the quality of life in Lower Manhattan. We aim to provide workers, residents and visitors with a clean, safe and dynamic neighborhood. Click to view some of the services we provide.

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