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In the News

Stock Exchange District Survey

Last year, the Downtown Alliance launched a planning project to reimagine the area surrounding the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE), referred to as the "Stock Exchange District".

At The Desk Of: Jessica Lappin

From the January issue: Jessica Lappin, 42, is the president of the Downtown Alliance, which manages one of New York City’s largest 

CULTURE: Chinòn Maria ( "One World, Our Children" Mural)

If you haven't checked out the "One World, Our Children" mural, created by artist Chinòn Maria and USA for UNHCR, the UN Refugee Agency and done via collaboration with Downtown Alliance, now is the

Report: Lower Manhattan Vacancy Drops To Lowest Number Since 2014

Lower Manhattan is the strongest commercial leasing market in NYC, according to a new report.

You Can Get Here From There

With its 13 subway and two PATH lines, 15 ferry routes, 28 Citi Bike stations and dozens of local and regional bus routes, Lower Manhattan has few peers when it comes to ease of access. 

Big Art Unfolding Downtown

Call it the great wall of Lower Manhattan!

Painting Walls, Erasing Borders

Late last month, Chinòn Maria, a street artist from Vermont, laid down tarp, rollers and 10 gallons of white primer along a nondescript wall on the World Trade Center campus. 

WTC Street Art

The 12-foot-tall back wall of Site 5 in Albany Plaza on the World Trade Center campus was looking a bit bare so the Downtown Alliance commissioned a mural to decorate it. 

Life Below Canal

One of the things that makes living downtown so incredible is how gorgeous it is. No matter the time of year, the neighborhood looks great.



Bringing together the cuisines of Cuba and New Zealand, Kiwi Cuba serves its fusion dishes and delicious drinks with the Brooklyn Bridge as a stunning backdrop.