Neighborhood Services

Lower Manhattan in New York is one of the safest and cleanest neighborhoods in the city. Supplementing the city's sanitation efforts, Downtown Alliance crews sweep the streets, empty trash cans and remove graffiti and litter. And, our security officers continuously work with the New York City Police Department to ensure your safety.

Public Safety

Dressed in their distinctive red uniforms, Downtown Alliance security officers work closely with the NYPD to keep the streets safe. Equipped with guidebooks and maps, they're always ready to offer directions and friendly advice to neighborhood residents, workers and visitors. more >>



Downtown Connection

While you're in Lower Manhattan, be sure to take advantage of the Downtown Connection, a free bus service for visitors, workers and residents. Getting around the neighborhood has never been easier. more >>



Environmental Improvements and Beautification

The Downtown Alliance runs several programs to keep the neighborhood looking beautiful for residents, workers and visitors to enjoy. more >>



Social Services

Though Lower Manhattan does not have a large homeless population, the Downtown Alliance helps the homeless here to get the aid they need. more >>

NYPD Downtown Center

65 Broadway, Suite 402
New York, NY 10006
212.306.5656 phone
212.306.5652 fax

public safety officer

Our public safety officers are always available to assist.