NYPD Lower Manhattan Center

The Downtown Alliance works hand-in-hand with the New York City Police Department to ensure that Lower Manhattan remains one of the safest neighborhoods in New York City. Our public safety officers share a facility with units from the NYPD, located at 65 Broadway.

Together we established the NYPD Lower Manhattan Center – a facility designed to improve the coordination of public safety efforts for the Lower Manhattan community by bringing public and private security operations together under one roof. The Downtown Alliance and NYPD work together on many public safety issues and community outreach initiatives. The facility is wired with state-of-the-art technology to efficiently utilize all available resources and operates 24 hours-a-day/7 days-a-week.

NYPD Downtown Center

65 Broadway, Suite 402
New York, NY 10006
212.306.5656 phone
212.306.5652 fax

public safety officer

Our public safety officers are always available to assist.