2-D Barcodes

In the past couple of years, the Downtown Alliance has significantly expanded its use of technology to better meet the needs of our constituents. Our latest effort uses 2-d bar codes. You may have seen them (they look a little like crossword puzzles) in magazines to provide you with more information in an advertisement. learn more >>


Social Media

On our Facebook page and Twitter feed, you'll find frequent postings about events, openings, special deals, and fresh, interesting news items from around the district and the city. Browse hundreds of photos from Downtown Alliance and Lower Manhattan events on our Flickr page. Meet new retailers and neighborhood personalities on our Downtown Diary blog. learn more >>


Water Street

The vision for Water Street proposes broad integrated changes in the physical environment to sustain the success of Lower Manhattan's key commercial corridor. The character of the Water Street subdistrict calls for ambitious and holistic intervention across each facet of the physical environment. The product of a two year effort, this study was designed to capture and synthesize the views of a broad and inclusive range of stakeholders. learn more >>


Downtown For Breakfast

Did you know that there are over a dozen Lower Manhattan restaurants that offer full-service breakfast? Lower Manhattan has a wide variety of choices that serve breakfast every day. Whether for business or pleasure, casual or formal, jump-start your day by enjoying a delicious breakfast at one of the following Lower Manhattan locations. learn more >>



Re:Construction is a public art program produced by the Downtown Alliance. This initiative channels the energy of Lower Manhattan's rebuilding process by recasting construction sites as canvases for innovative public art and architecture. Each project uses standard construction barriers to embrace the ongoing nature of Lower Manhattan's redevelopment with original and whimsical design. The Downtown Alliance works closely with public and private developers to produce each installation. learn more >>


Free Public WiFi

You can enjoy free wireless Internet access in several public spaces throughout Lower Manhattan.  So step out and log on: surf the Web, check your e-mail, Facebook and Twitter while relaxing in the park. learn more >>


Greenwich South

In September 2009, the Alliance for Downtown New York completed a study of Greenwich South, the 41 acres south of the World Trade Center site, between Broadway and West Street. Lower Manhattan is emerging as a model for the 21st century business district, and this study contemplates how Greenwich South can play a greater role in this transformation.

Learn more about Greenwich South, why it is so important to Lower Manhattan’s future and what we think it could be. learn more >>


Going Green Downtown

Lower Manhattan is home to nearly 5 million square feet of green real estate, including LEED-certified and EnergyStar rated spaces. With New York City’s Greener, Greater Buildings agenda, the number of green buildings in the district keeps growing, and more and more green and energy-efficient spaces are becoming available each year.

Whether you are a tenant signing a new lease in the district, or already a current tenant, there are a number of green initiatives you can undertake. learn more >>


Hive at 55

The Hive at 55 has been a key addition to New York's coworking community and a popular destination for freelancers, small businesses, entrepreneurs, and startups. Located at 55 Broad Street in Lower Manhattan, the Hive at 55 provides shared workspace for more than 30 people plus three private workrooms. You'll find WiFi, fax, printer and copier machines, conference rooms, bike storage — and, a group of colleagues eager to collaborate and share resources. learn more >>



LaunchLM is an initiative designed to champion and nourish the growing technology and innovation sector in Lower Manhattan. By bringing together current and future innovators in the district, LaunchLM fosters a connected, ambitious, bold, and optimistic community. Developed by the Alliance for Downtown New York in collaboration with a group of technology, venture capital, urban planning and real estate professionals who share a desire to help grow innovation and build community, LaunchLM intends to connect and support the district’s growing tech community learn more >>


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