Valentine's Day: Shiva Shakti Yoga Practice and Sound Bath | Downtown Alliance

Valentine's Day: Shiva Shakti Yoga Practice and Sound Bath

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Feb 14, 2020
6:00 PM to 8:15 PM
BeU New York
(212) 374-9090
$45.00 per person
masculine and feminine aspects within each of us. This two hour and the fifteen-minute event will begin with mantras to the divine masculine and divine feminine, to set the tone for experiential polarity. After the vinyasa flow led by Jai, Basia will create a relaxing sound bath for us to experience an introspective and relaxing guided meditation and yoga Nidra. We will also partake in one partner exercise, where we will really tap into experiencing the qualities of our masculine and feminine sides and will take turns giving and receiving the healing benefits of each energy. Tuning into the power of our inner masculine and feminine energy can be useful to all of us in a variety of situations – whether in showing love to those we care about, showing leadership and care in our work, and even in showing love and care to ourselves. This workshop is intended to help all of us feel the powerful effect that being mindful of, and balancing, our energy can have. Come solo or bring a friend - all are welcome! SHIVA SHAKTI Class price: $45.00 per person For more information please visit call us at +1 (212)374-9090 Exp. Date: 02/14/2020