Yin Yoga and Meditation LIVE Stream | Downtown Alliance

Yin Yoga and Meditation LIVE Stream

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Jun 30, 2020 to Aug 4, 2020
8:45 PM
beu New York
(212) 374-9090
free- Donation
Yin Yoga is a style of yoga that complements yang styles of yoga-like Vinyasa. While Vinyasa is fast-paced, repetitive, and upright, Yin yoga is slow, still, and down to earth. Students will learn the benefits of being quiet and still. These benefits include increased flexibility, stronger bones and joints, and the ability to adapt to new and challenging situations. This style of yoga directly targets fascia and energy channels in the body. Students will be directed to observe the release in tension and shifts in energy. Poses are low to the ground and held for extended periods of time in order to open beyond perceived limitations. Students will expand flexibility and awareness by relaxing the body and concentrating the mind within deeply held stretches. The class will end with a seated guided meditation.