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Downtown Alliance Launches Small-Biz Grant

Downtown’s business booster is offering $10,000 to bring one local mom-and-pop shop into the 21st century, and is currently seeking applications from Lower Manhattan merchants.

EVENTS: Downtown Alliance's Downtown Digital Innovation Grant - Win A $10,000 Grant For Your Lower Manhattan Storefront

Talk about putting your money where your mouth is…the Alliance for Downtown New York, which brings you some of downtown’s best programs (e.g. free public WiFi, LMHQ, etc.) and services (e.g. Downto

Downtown Alliance Offers A Digital Innovation Grant For Businesses Within The Alliance's Business District

The Alliance for Downtown New York has launched an experimental program to see if it can help storefront businesses within its Business Improvement District (BID) to bolster their online presence o

Helping Wee-Tail Do Retail on Par with E-Tail

The Downtown Alliance is offering a "Downtown Digital Innovation Grant" that will award one storefront business in Lower Manhattan up to $10,000 in services to improve its online presence and digit

Lower Manhattan Employment Gets Back To Pre-9/11 Levels

Thanks to robust business activity in 2017, the workforce in Lower Manhattan reached the highest level in 16 years at year’s-end 2017.

What Is the City But the People?

The Downtown Alliance has released its yearly analysis, "Lower Manhattan Real Estate Year in Review 2017," which functions as a de facto report card on the Downtown economy as a whole, as well as s

Lower Manhattan Hits Post-9/11 Employment Peak

Lower Manhattan has reached a new post-9/11 high in employment, according to a report released by the Alliance for Downtown New York.

Warming Up The ‘Frozen Zone’ Around Wall And Broad Streets

The Lower Manhattan business boosters at the Downtown Alliance want to hear from locals about i

Stock Exchange District Survey

Last year, the Downtown Alliance launched a planning project to reimagine the area surrounding the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE), referred to as the "Stock Exchange District".

At The Desk Of: Jessica Lappin

From the January issue: Jessica Lappin, 42, is the president of the Downtown Alliance, which manages one of New York City’s largest 



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