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Public Safety

Our Public Safety office provides an impactful and positive improvement to the safety and qulity of life in Lower Manhattan through a variety of programs.  

"Red Coats"

The Downtown Alliance's Public Safety officers, known locally as "red coats" thanks to their distinctive and recognizable uniforms, are our community-facing ambassadors. They patrol the streets every day, constantly on alert to identify and help resolve any incidents or hazardous conditions. Additionally, they provide directions to local points of interest to any inquiring visitors.

Safe Corridor To The Subway

The Downtown Alliance's public safety department operates a "Safe Corridor to the Subway" program that offers extra protection for homeward-bound commuters, especially those returning to their Lower Manhattan residences late at night. From evening rush hour through 9 PM, our public safety officers are stationed on the streets near key subway entrances and nearby residential buildings. Our aim is to create a safer atmosphere for Lower Manhattan residents, workers and visitors heading home for the night. 

Emergency Response

During times of emergency, our Public Safety office will deploy any available resources and manpower to provide assistance. The office also coordinates closely with a variety of City agencies, whether it be the NYPD, the Department of Transportation, or the Office of Emergency Management, to leverage each others' resources to provide the most effective response.

Coordination With The NYPD

Sharing an office with the NYPD Downtown Center, the Downtown Alliance's Public Safety office works closely with the 1st Precinct. Our public safety staff are trained by the NYPD Counter-Terrorism, and assist the precinct in dealing with thefts and the prevention of other crimes.

Public Safety Awards

A normal day on the job for our public safety officers means passing along information to visitors and keeping a protective eye on neighborhood businesses. The Downtown Alliance annually recognizes the officers and supervisors who go above and beyond by doing things like reuniting a lost child to thwarting a theft of holiday donations. To commend an officer, please email

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