Staff | Downtown Alliance


Name Title
Daniel Ackerman Senior Vice President, Finance & Administration
Jessica Ainlay Director of Tourism & Hospitality Marketing
Natalie Armstrong Manager of Public Spaces & Streetscape
Alison Baumann Assistant Vice President of Research, Economic Development
Adam Bernstein Information Associate
Denise Blackwell Assistant Manager, Public Safety
Charles Bove Supervisor, Sanitation
Renee Braunstein Administrative Assistant, Operations
Andrew Breslau Senior Vice President, Communications & Marketing
Tracy Candido Director of Programs & Events, LMHQ
Nancy Cascella Assistant General Counsel
Mary Clifford Information Associate
Ron Dizon Events Manager & Special Projects
Edward Drivick Assistant Director, Public Safety
Heather Ducharme Director of Storefront Business Engagement
Thomas Dunn Director, Public Safety
Arlene Egan Information Associate
Margarita Fernando Staff Accountant
Joseph Ferris Editorial Manager
Teresa Figario Communications Associate
Frank Futia Research & Planning Manager, Economic Development
Beau Gambold Scheduler to the President
Daniel Giacomazza Vice President, Operations
Jarrod Grim Senior Research Analyst, Economic Development
Hans Guillaume Supervisor, Sanitation
Dave Harvin Assistant Director, Public Safety
Sean Hayes Supervisor, Sanitation
Kristin Heise Director of Digital Marketing
Carl Homward Deputy Director of Sanitation
Jamel Homward Supervisor, Sanitation
Melissa Hsiung Technology Project Manager
Alice Itty Assistant Secretary to the Board
Dwayne Jacobs Director, Transportation
Rebecca Jimenez Administrative Assistant, Communications & Economic Development
Jihan Johashen Office Coordinator, LMHQ
Ron Kearney Assistant Director, Public Safety
Michael Ketring General Counsel
Joseph Lanaro Director, Sanitation
Jessica Lappin President
Patrick Liang Office Coordinator
Elizabeth Lutz Vice President, Communications & Marketing
Joe Maggio Information Associate
Alexandra Montalbano Director of Membership, LMHQ
Joshua Nachowitz Vice President, Research & Economic Development
Lauren O'Toole Director of Planning, Economic Development
Ian Olsen District Landscape Manager
Bathsheba Parker Art Director
Roe Pernice Web Editor & Marketing Project Manager, Communications & Marketing
Taina Prado Chief of Staff
Craig Raia Senior Director, Marketing & Strategic Partnerships
Jason Rivera Transportation Field Manager
Anthony Rivetti Director of Information Services
Jeremy Schneider Chief Technology Officer
Richard Serrano Custodian
Daria Siegel Vice President of Economic Development Programs
Maria Tirado-Quinones Director of Administration
Ron Wolfgang Senior Vice President, Operations
Jane Wolterding Director of Planning, Operations


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