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Street Furniture

The Downtown Alliance's Streetscape program has given lower Broadway a sophisticated new look that is contemporary yet classic. The design provides a complementary backdrop for the varied styles of Lower Manhattan’s architecture, while adding harmony to its streetscape. The two main components are street lighting and street furniture.

Street Lighting

More than 100 elegant street lamps have been installed along lower Broadway, brightening block after block with a natural light. Lower Manhattan’s streets are among the safest in New York, and that feeling of security is enhanced by good lighting. To be more sustainable, we recently converted these street lights to LED luminaires.

Street Furniture

The Downtown Alliance has installed new street furniture along lower Broadway. Some examples of street furniture include bike racks and bollards. Each element is designed to work together visually, and to bring order, elegance, and cohesion to the neighborhood. Sleek and functional, the furniture matches the style and color scheme of the new street lights. 

"BigBelly" Solar Powered Compactors & Recyclers

Our "BigBelly" solar powered trash compactors and accompanying recycling receptacles are placed throughout the district. These compactors dramatically cut down on the number of trash bags placed along the district's narrow public sidewalks awaiting pick-up from the City. To date, we operate and maintain over 340 of these units.


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